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Larder Cupboards: A Storage Solution For Family Living

Many years ago, a larder was used to store food that is now kept in the fridge. It’s said that the name derives from raw meat, which was covered in lard in order to preserve it. Nowadays, these are no longer used to store cold produce. They more closely resemble what was called a pantry, where things like bread and non-perishables were stored at room temperature.

What Is A Larder Cupboard?

What we refer to as a larder cupboard today is usually a large storage unit that’s placed in the kitchen. These are designed with storage in mind, so there’ll be plenty of shelves and drawers. There might even be additional shelves and spice racks fitted to the doors. You can buy these units in beautiful wood finishes, and can even match them to your existing kitchen décor.

Are These Standalone Units?

Not always! You can have a larder that integrates with the rest of your kitchen, for a seamless finish. This cupboard will be full-length and have plenty of storage in. Some modern kitchens will have a narrow larder which pulls out on casters, for maximum use of space. While others will be a standard width but be fitted with various shelves and baskets for additional usable space.

Who Needs A Larder?

Any kitchen owner who needs plenty of storage will benefit from one of these. Whether it’s because you like to label and store your food in an organised manner or you simply keep a large amount of non-perishables in stock, there’s no better place to store them. In addition to food, you can also store kitchen equipment like mixers, bowls and large cooking pots. This has the added benefit of creating space for your lesser-used items, without making them inaccessible.

Can You Store Perishable Food?

As well as your tins, cans and dried food, you can also store some fresh food in a larder. Things like bananas and avocados that need time to ripen are ideal placed in a cool, but not fridge-cold unit. As well as that, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers and carrots are all much happier when stored in a cool, dark place, rather than the fridge.

If you’ve ever eaten tomatoes or strawberries straight from the fridge, you may already know that the cool temperature can cause them to lose their flavour. Storing these in the larder instead means they’ll taste perfect, every time.

For Larder Cupboards, Choose Chameleon

If you want to maximise the storage space in your kitchen with a brand new larder cupboard, get in contact with us today. We can create bespoke units with the perfect storage solutions for you.

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