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Kitchen Unit Ideas To Streamline Your Space

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, you want your kitchen space to be practical and stylish. With the bespoke fitted kitchen furniture that Chameleon provide, there’s no limit to the functionality you can add. Let’s discover the features that your kitchen unit could be equipped with.

Up & Over Cabinets

Up and over cabinets are great when space is tight. Rather than the door swinging open to the side, it hinges upwards. This means that the door won’t interfere with other cabinets nearby. Most kitchens benefit from placing one of these above the hob, where space is often otherwise wasted.

Because these are usually higher up, up and over cabinets benefit from stay lift hinges. These will ensure that the cupboard doesn’t slam shut, and stays open when you need it to.

Integrated Wine Rack

A built-in wine rack is ideal for those who like to keep a bottle or two in stock. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of wine or soft drinks, having an integrated wine rack offers a great storage solution for drinks that often create a lot of clutter.

Open Storage Kitchen Unit

An open storage unit can look elegant and classy in the right home. It all depends on what kitchen equipment you have. If you’ve got a beautiful crockery and wine glass collection that you’d like to display, an open storage unit could look fantastic. However, if you’d rather keep your items hidden behind doors, this may not be the kitchen unit idea for you.

pull out wine rack

Island Kitchen Unit Counters

If you have enough space, an island kitchen unit can be an impressive and useful feature. Because islands have space all around, you can fit a lot of storage options in. You can combine drawers, cupboards, shelves, open storage and wine racks to create your perfect, customised kitchen unit solution.

For Custom Kitchen Units, Choose Chameleon

We create custom fitted kitchens and custom kitchen units. If you’re looking to create your own space-saving kitchen solution, get in touch with us today. Our team use the latest design software to produce the style and result that you want.

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